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The 1st Social Gathering of Peers in Construction Machinery Parts Was Held Successfully in Jining


On September 8, 2015, the 1st social gathering of peers in construction machinery parts was held in Jining Yuewangfu Hotel. The social gathering was jointly consulted and held by peers in construction machinery parts, aiming to develop integrity, cooperation and win-win market environment and in the downturn phase of market, to discuss and analyze the plans for industrial development. Leaders of the following construction machinery parts enterprises attended the social gathering: Jining Shengsong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Jining Jinma Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Jining Tongyuan Logistics Co., Ltd., Jining Qingsong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Jining Zhenyuan Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and Jining Dinghong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd..
The social gathering collected the elites in the construction machinery parts industry of Jining and provided a wide information exchange platform for everyone, and the participants  communicated the viewpoints about the current development situation of the construction machinery parts industry. The social gathering provided new channels for Jining construction machinery parts enterprises to seek for the cooperation and development of new businesses of the construction machinery industry in broader market. Raffles were drawn during the social gathering, and the atmosphere of the scene was animated.
As one of China’s famous production base of construction machinery parts, Jining City in Shandong Province has many production enterprises of construction machinery parts. The successful organization of the social gathering is a beneficial attempt for enhancing cooperation among construction machinery parts enterprises in Jining. As introduced by the committee member, the social gathering will be held continuously, and it is believed that with the enhancement in the communication among parts enterprises, in future, the construction machinery parts industry in Jining will have new development opportunities.